October 24, 2017

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Sidelight windows are one of the most common architectural features in homes today. These are the long narrow windows you’ll find at one or both sides of a door. Sidelight windows may range from as narrow as six inches to about eighteen inches wide. They are usually close to the height of the door. These windows present a challenging situation to window covering dealers. Since they are generally at the front entrance to a house, your customer will want to cover them for privacy. At the entrance, operation is also essential in order to look out to see who is knocking without opening the door.

Sidelight windows look innocent enough, until you start trying to place a blind, shade or shutter into them. That’s when you’ll find the minimum sizes available in many products will not allow them to fully function within a sidelight. But there are some products that work well in sidelights.

Tilt Only Silhouette Shadings
Silhouette® Shadings, in a special tilt-only format, are also a terrific application for sidelight windows. These shadings fit in as little as six inches wide! They have a looped cord that looks much like the one used on standard Silhouette Shadings, but the cord will only tilt the vanes open an closed. The shading cannot be rolled up into the headrail.

Installation is quick and easy, using standard Silhouette installation brackets to attach the headrail and hold-down brackets to secure the bottom rail. The hold-down brackets are shipped automatically with all tilt-only Silhouette shadings. Without the hold-downs, shadings in this size will tend to twist out of the window, so they should be used on every installation of tilt only shadings.

The tilt only format is available for shadings that are under twelve inches in width, down to six inches. Shadings in these sizes are not available any other way. For sidelights twelve inches wide or wider, standard Silhouette shadings may be used.

Uplifting Duette® Honeycomb Shades
As with most other window applications, Duette honeycomb shades are a great option for sidelight windows. In the narrowest windows, standard cord operation may be used. EasyRise may also be used to keep the lift cord up off the floor.

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I have come to rely on the staff at Hirshfield’s Design Resource for their fabulous customer service and variety of products. The service is always friendly, timely and professional.

As a designer, their advice on window treatments is forever appreciated, and they are always able to show me something new in the displays and samples. They provide quick and accurate estimates, measurements and suggestions when I am struggling with a budget. The final product and installation has been nothing but flawless on every project.

I truly value what they continue to bring to our design community!

Pamela Kilian
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Want to give a shout out to Madi. Madi took a pretty awful experience and made it right for us. We had ordered cordless blinds and over half of them did not work right or hang right. Madi helped us return all the blinds and reordered a new product for us which we are very happy with. Madi was persistent in helping us get the issues we experience resolved.

She is always so warm and friendly and definitely puts her customers first. Thanks Madi you are a gem! Also want to add that my overall experience with Hirshfield's in St. Cloud has been an excellent experience. They made things right and put their customers first!

Kim Kaluza

Greg is amazing! We have worked with him throughout the years on both existing homes and new builds and we could not be happier. One of the things I appreciate about Greg is that he gets us to really think about how we will use our space, not just now but in the future when the kids get older. This has honestly has saved us from making some pretty big design mistakes. Finding durable fabrics and pieces is important to us while we have a preschooler running around, yet on the other hand, our teens have a different use for the space.

He is able to make it all work together seamlessly by understanding the space and its function. He has a fresh and distinctive feel to his work and builds in a variety of styles. I HIGHLY recommend working with Greg out of the gate, you will not be sorry. I honestly don't know what we do without his help;)

Kim Strout
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