April 30, 2014

Window Treatment Wednesday: Treat Your Cabin

Despite the chill in the air this week, it is officially that time of year—time to head to the cabin and open it up for the season.

Whether your cabin is up in the woods, on a lake or in a prairie setting, you probably have specific goals in mind when it comes to your cabin’s windows. Most cabin owners want to maximize their view and take in every bit of scenery possible.



“Most of my customers say, ‘The view is what we paid for,’ and ‘We really don’t want anything on our windows,’” explains Diane Larson, the window coverings expert at Hirshfield’s Baxter location. “But then comes the ‘But’ … they need protection from the sun, or they’re too close on one side to the neighbors, or they need to button up the cabin when the season’s over.”

Luckily there are a number of window treatments that are perfect for a cabin setting—whether it’s “up north” charm, minimalist, or lake home—that also provide energy efficiency and low upkeep. Most shades can be cordless for a clean look.

“Roller or solar shades are great choices because the stack is minimal and homeowners can choose a fabric that gives them the opacity or privacy they like,” says Larson. “Some homeowners want to filter out the UV rays but still see through, or have total blackout for when they’re closing up for the season.”

Wood blinds are another popular option for the cabin. “Leaving them down in the open position gives a cozy feeling with some privacy,” says Larson. “The tilt reflects the sun and then closes for a good night’s sleep.”

Cellular shades are energy efficient and offer privacy for nighttime and when the cabin’s not in use. Cabins with elevated ceilings and tall windows, or windows over larger spas or bathtubs are ideal spots for motorized window coverings.

“Top down-bottom up shades are also popular, especially by well-used pathways around the house. It gives a sense of privacy and still lets the light shine in,” says Larson.

As you’re getting your cabin ready for the season, it’s a good time to consider whether your cabin’s window treatments still perform as needed. There are a number of great window coverings available that will help you get the most out of your beautiful summertime views.

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We’ve Served Countless Satisfied Customers Over Generations

I have come to rely on the staff at Hirshfield’s Design Resource for their fabulous customer service and variety of products. The service is always friendly, timely and professional.

As a designer, their advice on window treatments is forever appreciated, and they are always able to show me something new in the displays and samples. They provide quick and accurate estimates, measurements and suggestions when I am struggling with a budget. The final product and installation has been nothing but flawless on every project.

I truly value what they continue to bring to our design community!

Pamela Kilian
Simply Designed

Want to give a shout out to Madi. Madi took a pretty awful experience and made it right for us. We had ordered cordless blinds and over half of them did not work right or hang right. Madi helped us return all the blinds and reordered a new product for us which we are very happy with. Madi was persistent in helping us get the issues we experience resolved.

She is always so warm and friendly and definitely puts her customers first. Thanks Madi you are a gem! Also want to add that my overall experience with Hirshfield's in St. Cloud has been an excellent experience. They made things right and put their customers first!

Kim Kaluza

Greg is amazing! We have worked with him throughout the years on both existing homes and new builds and we could not be happier. One of the things I appreciate about Greg is that he gets us to really think about how we will use our space, not just now but in the future when the kids get older. This has honestly has saved us from making some pretty big design mistakes. Finding durable fabrics and pieces is important to us while we have a preschooler running around, yet on the other hand, our teens have a different use for the space.

He is able to make it all work together seamlessly by understanding the space and its function. He has a fresh and distinctive feel to his work and builds in a variety of styles. I HIGHLY recommend working with Greg out of the gate, you will not be sorry. I honestly don't know what we do without his help;)

Kim Strout
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